Current Series: God's sovereignty in the midst of exile

Stand Alone Sermons

A variety of one-off messages


The word of the Lord against the nation of Edom

Letters of John

A study through the epistles of 1, 2, and 3 John


Celebrating the coming of Christ


A letter from the Apostle Paul to Titus concerning church order

The God of All Comfort

Sermons on affliction from 2 Corinthians.

The Torah and Jesus

Seeing Jesus in the Law of Moses

Life of David

Sermons from 1-2 Samuel

The Gospel of Luke

Investigating the life of Jesus from the perspective of Luke

Jesus is Greater

A study on the book of Hebrews


Set free to live free - the story of Israel's redemption

Psalms of Ascent

Sermons on Psalms 120-134

Acting Churches

Sermons from the book of Acts

Who's Your One

Sermons from Luke 15


Seeking the Lord, the welfare of one another, and the welfare of the city