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Psalms with Stories

Current Study: A summer study through selected Psalms

Our Mission

We as a church are passionate about three things: serving Christ, reaching people, and changing lives. We believe that the Gospel is central to our lives as believers. As Mark states in his Gospel, Jesus came to serve, not to be served. Likewise, we are dedicated to serving the community around us by following the example of Christ. As Jesus has commanded us to preach the Gospel to all nations, we are passionate about reaching people around the world through our missions teams and missionary sponsors. One of the beautiful aspects of the Gospel is that it unites people of various experiences, life stages, and backgrounds, under Jesus’ Lordship. Each of us has a unique story that God has given us in order to build up the church and to share the Gospel with the world. At Mason Dixon, there are numerous opportunities for serving Jesus, pursuing spiritual growth, and enjoying deep fellowship.

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